Restart's departure lounge


The departure lounge provides a comfortable, social, area for loved ones to wait for clients being discharged.

We provide support with telephone calls, refreshments and signposting.

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Restart's departure lounge


The departure lounge is where we focus most of our activities and its where you will see, first hand, the support we offer. Our staff are there for you and we enjoy the support of ex-offenders who can use ther first hand experience to put any concerns you have to rest.

We recognise it's a challenging time for everyone, so make sure you have all your concerns addressed by our support staff.

Restart help connect families


Rebuilding relationships with your loved ones is an essential part of an ex-offender's resettlement.

You've both changed. We are here to ensure you both know what to expect.

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When a member of a family goes to prison, the rest of the family go there too. Not physically, of course, but relationships can become strained.

Life changes, and the first thing everyone has to accept is that it is not going to be the same again.

Dialogue with our experts by experience has taught Restart that their families are adversely affected and impacted by their prison sentence. The impact varies from guilt, anger, fear, depression, financial loss, shame... The list of potential issues are too many to mention.

Restart will work in partnership with other organisations to provide intervention working with both those in prison and their families to ensure that family ties are maintained and support provided on release to address the impact of separation.

It's a time of uncertainty for the rest of the family. At Restart, we make sure you are aware of the challenges that lie ahead and we prioritise your family relationships.

A successful rehabilitation is achieved when both the ex-offender and his family understand some of the hurdles that may have to be overcome..

Life will not be the same.

But with our help, it might be better.

Restart's Food and Clothing Bank


There is no need to leave prison in the same clothes you had when you were put in custody.

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Restart's food and clothing bank

Food Bank

A basic need of food can go unnoticed, this service provides a stop gap between release and receipt of benefits and works with a network of foodbanks to support this cause.

Being discharged from prison creates anxiety and vulnerability, it is at this point that Restart believes’ that a community approach is required to sustain and support individuals on release.

Clothing Bank

Our clothing bank provides a small supply of clothing on release. Being in prison creates many changes in one’s personal circumstance, leaving prison can exacerbate an already difficult situation. Everyone should be able to leave with some dignity.

Restart fight homelessness


Leaving prison homeless is unacceptable.

At Restart we do all we can to ensure you have a place from which you can start again.

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Supported Accommodation

Sadly, not everyone has a home or a family to go back to. We are painfully aware of the difficulties some clients face when they leave prison.

Working with external agencies, we will do our utmost to ensure that everyone leaving prison has a place to live.

As a demonstration of our commitment, Restart are planning to acquire our own property to provide supported accommodation and assist in the resettlement of our clients.

Restart's shuttle bus service


Problems with transport? Gathered a lot of possessions over the years?

We can help.
Our minibus will deliver you and your belongings to Wolverhampton train station or a local bus station for your onward journey.

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Shuttle Bus Service

We recognised the financial hardship for those being discharged to afford the cost of taxi fares which residents pay from a discharge grant of £46.50.

Our shuttle service will provide an affordable and convenient transport from the prison to a local bus or train station.

This service will be extended to support family members providing a pick up and drop off service to those visiting their loved ones in prison.

Restart Helpline


There will be times when you feel challenged.

Don’t suffer in silence.

We’re here to help and we are just a phone call away.

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We want people to know we are only a phone call away, a life line support is essential on release.

Our helpline will give clients the opportunity to talk about issues they are experiencing on release, acting as a support service to self-manage and enable independence. We provide the opportunity to talk in confidence identifying problems affecting reintegration back into the community and or family. This dialogue enables Restart to offer practical assistance and provide information to empower clients to make informed decisions about services and support available to them.

 01902 799787

Lines are open from 8am to 4pm